Your Leasing Questions Answered

We answer your burning van leasing questions. Need more van leasing advice? Chat to one of our
friendly experts today.

We answer your burning van leasing questions. Need more van leasing advice? Chat to one of our
friendly experts today.

Staff Member - Sarah
What are the benefits of van leasing?


What van leasing offers that many other finance options can't is real flexibility. You get the benefit of driving away with a brand new vehicle for a low deposit and fixed low-cost monthly payments. With our lease and buy option you can tailor the deposit and monthly payment amounts to suit your exact needs and budget.

The associated costs of van leasing are also allowable against your taxable profits, which makes it a tax efficient method of financing your new van.

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Marketing - Tom
Can I sign write my new van?


Customers often ask us if they can sign write their new van and the answer is a resounding yes! Branding your new van turns it into a fantastic rolling advert for your business and it's an opportunity we'd encourage all of our customers not to miss.

Branding your van can range from a simple logo on the side panels right through to a full vehicle wrap. Whatever you decide to do, we're happy for you to go ahead.

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Web Master / Designer - Andrew
Can I add optional extras to my new van?


A growing number of our vans come with a range of fantastic features such as Sat Nav, Air Conditioning and Bluetooth Connectivity as standard. If you'd like to add more optional extras then you can pick from the list of options available from the manufacturer and we include the cost in your monthly payments.

Many of our customers also make specialist additions and customisations to their vehicles once delivered and in most cases we're happy for you to do this.

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Receptionist - Julie
Am I eligible for
van leasing?


Like any form of finance, van leasing involves a credit-based application. Unfortunately not everyone is eligible to lease a new van but at Van Leasing Quotes we have a range of different finance options to suit almost every customer.

We know that you want to find out quickly and easily if you are eligible for van leasing, which is why we created a simple 30-second online tool to let you find out in an instant. Get started today.

Administrator - Jack
Does my new van come with a warranty?


One of the greatest benefits of running a new vehicle is the warranty and At Van Leasing Quotes all of our new vans come with the full manufacturers warranty. It gives you peace of mind to know that if you have a problem with your vehicle you can take it into the manufacturers local garage and get it fixed free-of-charge.

The length of the warranty differs for each manufacturer but most provide a warranty for 3 years or 100,000 miles. Our Hyundai vans come with a stunning 5 years warranty!

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Sales Manager - Jane
Do I hand the van
back at the end?


Whether or not you hand your van back at the end of your lease agreement is completely up to you. Some of our customers like to hassle-free option of giving the van back to us whilst others like to work towards owning the vehicle by the end of the lease.

We call this second option Van Lease Purchase or - in other words – lease and buy. Van Lease Purchase gives you the benefits of a low deposit and fixed monthly payments whilst working towards full ownership of your vehicle. To find out more, chat to one of our friendly advisors today.

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