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How Van Leasing Can Benefit Your Business

There are obvious benefits of van leasing for businesses but there's also a few that you might not know about or have considered. We lease vans to individuals as well as businesses and there are more reasons to lease a new van for your business than you might think. Besides the general benefits of leasing (i.e. affordability and flexibility), you can also better your cash flow, improve your company image and receive significant tax benefits.

See below for more information about each of these then generate your quote by clicking the button above or apply for a lease online.

Tax Benefits

The tax benefits of leasing are often a deciding factor for customers who are choosing between purchasing and leasing a new van. If your company is VAT registered, you can claim the tax paid on a lease back at the end of each quarter as the lease is considered a business expense. Depending on the van (or vans) your company leases, the tax our customers claim back can amount to hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Cash Flow

By leasing a vehicle (or vehicles) it's easy to manage your outgoings and reduce the chances of any unexpected costs. You'll know how much you need to pay each month and what this will cover; even with a basic lease you'll be protected by the manufacturer's warranty and any other cover they offer with brand new vehicles. If you decide on a contract hire agreement you can include more cover and services to suit your needs to make sure your van(s) stay on the road without leaving you out of pocket if something goes wrong. Lastly, because our business van leases are flexible, you can adjust your monthly payments to effectively manage your cash flow.

Company Image

If you're interested in leasing a van it's probably safe to assume that it will spend a lot of time on the road and/or a lot of time parked up while you work. If this is the case you can think of your van as a shop front - it could be the first thing your potential customers may see and this could be the deciding factor of whether or not they give you a call. There's also a big opportunity to use your van to advertise your company and will allow you to do this. We're perfectly happy for you to apply your company logo/advert etc. the side of your van(s) and we're confident this will boost your sales if this is something you've never done before.

If you'd like to lease a van with us or require any additional information or advice, don't hesitate to get in touch. Use our free call back service and submit an account application today to find out how we can help you!